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"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Sherlock Holmes in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)


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"Crosshairs on the Kill Zone" is now available in bookstores!

From the authors of "One Shot--One Kill" comes a new generation of true tales from some of the most expert and deadly marksmen in the world. The military sniper has evolved into one of the most dangerous and highly-skilled warrior professions. They suffer through weather, terrain, and enemy action, lay unmoving for days on end, and take out their targets with unerring accuracy--proving that the deadliest weapon in any battle, anywhere in the world, is a single well-aimed shot. From the jungles of Vietnam to the unforgiving deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, one breed of soldier has achieved legendary status in the arena of combat--the sniper. Their only mission: wait, watch, and when the target is in sight, put the crosshairs on the kill zone.


Here's the book the Government didn't want you to read!!

      In order for this book to be published, Craig was forced to organize his own  publishing company:
"Consolidated Press .International"
"The Medusa File" truly deserves the instructions:

"Burn before Reading"

Spring 1993: Most of Somalia--outside of Mogadishu, was secured. Then something went drastically wrong...

The mission was to feed the hungry, cure the sick, and bring peace to a country in anarchy. No formal government or organized infrastructure existed in this fourth world country governed by war lords and their armed bands of "gunmen." Operations "Restore Hope" and "Continue Hope" were planned and implemented to bring order to chaos. Unfortunately, what should have been a victory for the United Nations deteriorated into a humiliating defeat of massive proportions.

Why did an American administration--and Congress--allow under-armed U.S. forces to be committed to an open-ended mission of "nation building" under the direction of the U.N. which was an entirely different mission than that of saving starving people?

Throw away the "Warren Report" and all of your earlier conspiracy theories. Here's a new look at the Kennedy Assassination from the perspective of a professional. If you were given the assignment to set up a "kill", how would you have done it? What would you have selected for a weapon? How would you have planned your withdrawal? If it really was a conspiracy, would you have selected a man who had a problem just making a qualifing score on the rifle range?... using a weapon more suitable to making loud noises than being used as a precision instrument? If it was a conspiracy, ask yourself who would have benefited... and why! For you conspiracy buffs, the second half of the book is worth the price by itself. Maybe nothing has been hidden from the American People... Maybe, just maybe, they didn't know what to look for! I won't spoil the book for you, read it for yourself... and shudder...

Check with your local bookstore regarding availability of the below books by Craig Roberts

Here's a book that tells, as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story!" After you've read "Kill Zone", you owe it to yourself to read "JFK, the Dead Witnesses". A mathematician was hired by The London Sunday Times in February 1967 to conduct a statistical profile on the probability of 18 witnesses connected to the JFK Assassination, having died in so short a period of time. He concluded that the probability was one hundred thousand trillion to one! As of January 1995 the list has grown to over 115... Even taking into account that some of the deaths would have occurred from natural causes, the circumstances surrounding the deaths of many of these people give you pause to consider the alternative. Follow the trail of dead bodies from the most obvious, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, to several that stand the hair up on the back of your neck. Consider the death of Army Capt. Michael D. Groves who was in charge of the Honor Guard for the Kennedy's funeral. He died on 3 December 1963 one week later while sitting at the supper table... by simply falling over in his plate. The honor guard had been practicing for a presidential funeral 3 days prior to the assassination! This book is a wealth of information for JFK conspiracy researchers. It takes each witness individually (in chronological order of their death), and points out their relevance to the happenings of 22 November 1963 and the aftermath. Read about such notable personalities as syndicated columnist Dorothy Kilgallen who had interviewed Jack Ruby privately and was supposedly going to "blow the case wide open"... died of a drug and alcohol overdose within hours of submitting her last column. Her personal friend, confidant and supposed recipient of Kilgallen's notes, Mrs. Earl Smith died of a cerebral hemorrhage three days after Dorothy's death... at the advanced age of 45! Read about such notables as J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson who had much to gain personally from the demise of President Kennedy. How about Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance? ... Or Congressman Hale Boggs, the only dissenting member of the Warren Commission who refused to sign the Warren Report until just before it was submitted... and who disappeared on an airplane flight in Alaska in 1972. Here's a book that will entertain you for hours and either enlighten you or confirm your worst fears. OUT OF PRINT. Check used books at or other used book sites on the web.

First Hand accounts of American Combat Snipers in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Beirut. Written by a man who has shared their real life experiences. Their stories as they happened. Outlines the formation of the USMC 'Scout Sniper Instructor School' at Quantico, Virginia... the current standard of excellence and the people who started it. The initial efforts of Gy. Sgt. Carlos Hathcock, Capt. Jack Cuddy, Maj. Dick Culver, Maj. Jim Land and Gy. Sgt .Ron McAbee. How the legend started... good reading!... Recommended by Leatherneck Magazine.

    If you're looking for a portrayal of the American Fighting Man in Vietnam that echoes Oliver Stone's idiotic movie "Platoon", this isn't it. Here's the way it really was from a man who lived it on a day to day basis. I suppose the difference is that this is a story about Marines, and they are by definition a different breed of men. Few organizations have the esprit of the U. S. Marines. The closest you can come in today's fighting forces would be the French Foreign Legion and the British Royal Marines. The five surviving Legionnaires left fighting 2000 Mexicans at Camerone, who when offered their lives with honor, fixed bayonets and charged would have understood these men. The British Royal Marine Commando heading up a muddy ditch to blow up the piers at Hungnam in Korea who, when informed by a U. S. Navy UDT man "that this is a lousy war", grinned back and replied "aye Yank, but it beats hell out of no war at all, eh what?" would have understood these men. You must understand that no Marine is ever an amateur soldier. Even if he serves a single tour, he will always think of himself as a Marine, and his eyes will moisten when the Marine's Hymn is played... he will be a Marine until the day he dies. ...And in the Ninth Marine Regiment death was always a heartbeat away. Not everyone in Vietnam was a pot smoking, surly malcontent. Many were dedicated fighting men, sent to do a job they considered to be necessary and noble. This is their story told by a man who lived it, Craig Roberts. Semper Fi, my friend and a belated thanks from a Country that owes you a debt it can never repay. (ROC '96)
Unless you've been laying in a muddy rice paddy bleeding from places that a man was never meant to bleed, you may not appreciate the call from your buddy "Corpsman up!" This is the story of the men who risked their lives on a daily basis to save the lives of their friends. This was not always an easy job. Often it required that the "Doc" (as they were usually called) fight his way up to the individual to save his life, and then defend him until help arrived. A medic in a Special Forces "A Team" might well be cross trained as a 'heavy weapons man' or an 'explosives expert'. They were indeed a special breed and this book is their story told in their own words. Gutsy, selfless and always brave, they were beloved by all.

Here's a volume that captures the "flip side" of Military Sniping! Want to get a sample of the "sweat drenched tension" that grips a man charged with saving lives instead of taking them? This is the inside story of men who sometimes have to kill to save the lives of the innocent. A strange paradox that must be dealt with on a daily basis by the men who have been designated "The Long Rifleman" of a Police SWAT Unit. You have just been given the "green light"!... how would you react?... Forward by Gy. Sgt. Carlos Hathcock.

This is Craig Roberts' first novel, and it's a "must read" for adventure fans. This has the plausibility of Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears" coupled with the sobering reality of how vulnerable we are in a free society. Craig's many years of experience as a Police Officer are evident in the realism of the scenario. Written as only a Police Helicopter Pilot could write it, this is the story of an enraged Saddam Hussein's attempt to even the score for his crushing defeat in the Gulf War. Muslim extremists flying a stolen 'state of the art' Russian attack helicopter attempt the ultimate act of terrorism. The characters are human and believable, and the plot will make the cold chills run up and down your spine. If you like Tom Clancy, you'll love this one!

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